Creative Services


Build brand identity and lasting customer impressions that represent your products, services and company.


Your identity is the cornerstone of your business. Every communication, be it visual or written, represents your brand identity.

To anchor your brand and your business, our creative team develops identity marks, manifestos, brand standards, and look books.

With these elements in place, our team can help you launch – or re-launch – your brand into the marketplace. You can expect stunning results.


As great as your product is – your packaging needs to be even better.

Consider it’s usually the first contact the consumer has with your product – you know first impressions are critically important. We have you cove from food styling and photography to package design and copywriting. Let us help make your products stand out – and get chosen.

Web Services

Your digital presence is more critical than ever. We have a deep understanding of digital platforms and can help position your company as an industry leader.

We also provide digital content creation for social media to help you stand out as a go-to influencer in a crowded marketplace.

FDA Package Compliance

Our highly skilled creative team has real-world experience building and designing stunning packaging that complies with FDA rules and regulations.

Our know-how saves you time and money, minimizing the rounds of feedback involved with FDA packaging approval. Working with Harvest ensures that when your packaging goes to print, you won’t be looking at a costly reprint resulting from non-compliant packaging.