Harvest Exchange

The key to transforming your perishable food business quickly and economically

We built Harvest Exchange (HeX) because we had to…. Moving data, migrating legacy systems, extracting BI information and interconnecting these disparate systems to the Harvest Cloud is complex. We measured twice and built once: a solution to do this work for you. It means rapid deployments, unlocked legacy data, and lower migrations costs for our community.

Migrate and Move

Harvest Exchange plays a key role in transitioning you to HarvestDSD or HarvestERP. With HeX in place, we can easily run redundant systems (your old system plus a new Harvest solution), enabling a smooth transition to the new technology.

Employing an advanced ETL (Extract, Load and Transform) engine, – powered by Talend, a world leader in integration technology – Harvest Exchange can connect to any type of disparate data source you might have.