The Harvest Way

We Are Different

Yes, we love food. It’s part of our DNA. Building solutions based on our decades of old-world know-how is what we do.

Shaped by Decades of Old-world Know-how

We take a different approach from that of most systems vendors. Over the decades, we’ve developed a standardized approach to each of the major software solutions important to perishable foods companies. This approach allows our clients to focus on what is important to their operations versus problematic technology.

The perishable foods business is complex, with lots of moving parts. By standardizing our suite of solutions and removing the inter-operability constraints, Harvest brings better results.

There are many elements to The Harvest Way:

  • Standardized solutions proven over time
  • Great implementation plans, role-based and easy-to-follow
  • Great Support 24x7x365 a year
  • Top-tier partners with industry-leading solutions
  • A shared codeset by our community of clients
  • Solutions developed by real people who have lived these jobs